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Faye - A Psychic Medium in NJ

Are you looking for peace of mind after the loss of a loved one, or would just like to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit?

NJ Psychic Medium Faye is here to help bring you the healing and confirmation you need in knowing your loved ones are still aware and connected to you from the spirit world.


If you are looking to reconnect with your loved ones who have passed, with the hope of finding peace, healing and confirmation of the afterlife, I can help! My name is Faye and I have been aware of my psychic & mediumship abilities since the age of 6 and have followed spirituality & metaphysics for over 20 years.

Through my profession as a psychic medium, I have brought peace, healing, comfort and confirmation for many people throughout the NJ and PA areas and beyond. I am trained in Evidential Mediumship by associates of Arthur Findlay College, including some training with renowned Psychic Medium, John Holland.

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Intuitive Readings

I also offer Intuitive Readings for Spiritual Seekers and Lightworkers, providing intuitive insight and guidance on life issues such as relationships, career, making decisions, and spiritual path.

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“My family members had wonderful experiences with Faye. She was patient, intuitive and had a true spiritual connection with our loved ones. We left feeling and believing that the bonds we have with those who pass never end. So grateful!”

Nancy M., NJ

“Your mediumship session gave me exactly what I needed to be at peace with my mom’s passing.”

Dan H., NJ

“My mediumship appointment was awesome. I am very pleased and happy with who came though. I did tell Nancy Uncle Joe said hi and she was happy to hear that.”

Mary W., NJ

Watch this interview with Faye on the “Mid-Day with Dana” show on RVN-TV, filmed live July 12, 2018. Faye discusses spirituality, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, past lives, the Akashic Records and the afterlife and shares an emotional personal experience with witnessing death.