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About Faye | NJ Psychic Medium Faye

About Faye

Beginning around age 6, I would have many encounters with the spirit world. Not understanding what was happening, I would have spirits come to me and tell me their names, tell me about themselves, and introduce their family members in spirit. I would also communicate and “play” with my guardian angels, spirit guides, and whatever other spirits happened to want to be around me. 

Through my late teens into adulthood, I would often know when and how someone was going to pass right before it happened, could sense sickness and disease in people, as well as sensing pregnancies (new life) before being told about them. I could sense spirits in buildings, where they were located, hear their names, and other indicators of the presence of spirit. 

With this ability, I stand as a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. This gift allows me to connect with the spirit world to bring peace and confirmation for both the living and the dead. 


As an adult, I embraced my gifts and went into formal training with associates of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the U.K., as well as some training with renowned Psychic Medium, John Holland.

I have been into spirituality & metaphysics for over 20 years and currently practice Mediumship, Shamanic Healing, and other services, as well as teach Psychic & Mediumship Development, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and other classes at my office, Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, located in Mount Holly, NJ.

In my spare time, I love singing karaoke, listening to music, making music, building websites, playing with graphic design, spending time in nature, snuggling my cats, studying metaphysics, reading metaphysical books, hoarding crystal jewelry, and visiting farm animal sanctuaries. 


My “New Age” kitties: