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Mediumship | NJ Psychic Medium Faye


Being trained in Evidential Mediumship, I will connect with your loved ones in spirit to bring through information from them that confirms their presence, bringing to you a sense of peace, healing and confirmation of the afterlife.

The information that comes through may include:

  • Details about what they may have looked like
  • Their personality, habits, likes, dislikes
  • Memories they may share with you
  • Events that may have occurred since their passing
  • What may be presently going on in your life or in the lives of other family members
  • Whatever message they wish to share with you

“Thanks so much Faye! You’ve given our family members a gift that cant be measured. My mom is living on her own after almost 50 yrs of marriage and knowing her brother and aunt are with her gives her comfort”.

Nancy M., NJ

To read more testimonials, view my Google Business page. 

There are two ways this session can be done.

Open Floor – This method is good if you have several loved ones you would like to hear from, and are open to who it may or may not be, and do not have a specific person or people in mind.

Specific Person/People – This method is good if there are only one or two people you really wish to hear from. In this case, I do ask that you bring with you photos and/or objects that belonged to them as this helps to create a direct link to the spirit. If necessary, I may ask the name and relation of the person which often puts me in direct contact with their energy.

*Please note that this is for Mediumship only and does not include any type of psychic reading, guidance, or advice. 

$225 – one person
$325 – two people (should be related and know most of the same people in the spirit world)

To make an appointment, please click the button below. 

Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.